Foreclosure Prevention

This service offers free and confidential counseling advice for homeowners facing foreclosure. HUD-certified counselors are reputable professionals that will work to provide accurate and unbiased information to help you identify the best strategy to preserve home ownership when possible.

According to recent studies, homeowners working with HUD-approved counselors are more likely to obtain a positive outcome from their Lender.

We have partnership with other HUD certified organizations to assisting you with your financial hardship problems.

Contact the following Non-profits agencies:

◊  Community Housing Development Corporation (CHDC), located in the City of Richmond
Download the Intake Form and complete it to the best of your ability. You can also have a copy mailed to you by calling (510) 412-9290 or (707) 652-7861. Click here for Foreclosure Prevention Application

◊   Unity Council Homeownership Center, located in the City of Oakland
At Unity Council Homeownership Center you can pre-qualify for a loan modification based on your Lender's specific eligibility guidelines- At no cost to you! Click here to Simply follow the instructions provided

Housing Economic Rights Oakland 510) 271-8443
Operation Hope Oakland 877) 592-4673
Pacific Community Services Pittsburg (925) 439-1056

Furthermore this is WHAT YOU SHOULD DO:

Call your Congressperson, your Senators, and the White House and tell them that The HUD housing counseling program is the ONLY federal program that provides explicit support to homeowners facing foreclosure. Let them know that your lender has not been responsive to your request for a loan modification--after they received their bail out with taxpayers money.


House of Representatives: 1-800-962-3524 ask for your Representative

Senate: 1-800-962-3524 ask for both your Senators

White House: 1-202 456 1414 ask for the Comment Line


Find your Representative online here