Rental Housing Counseling

Neighborhood Housing Services of the Eastbay is pleased to announce our new Rental Housing Counseling program1 designed to those who think renting may be a better financial situation than buying a home, for the ones of you who will be in a particular community for less than three years, or the local economy is not doing well, for those who future income will not provide you with enough for mortgage payments and other financial responsibilities to owning a home, then renting may provide the better option.

The Rental Housing Counseling will provide you understanding better the option to rent versus own, having proactive knowledge such as understanding the terms of a lease agreement, how to calculate rent affordability and use of budgeting tools make the overall experience of renting a positive one.

This section of our programs will prepare you to:

  • ∗ Understand Resident Rights and Responsibilities
  • ∗ Improve Financial Literacy
  • ∗ Reduce Debt
  • ∗ Improving Overall Credit Health
  • ∗ Preparing for Homeownership

    Check our events tab for dates schedule and Register here!

    Download and complete the Rental Housing Counseling Intake
    and submit it along with copies of ALL the required documentation.

    The package can be delivered by mail, certified mail or courier. NO FAXES.

    1 Credit report fee of $30 per individual or $55 per married couple may apply.